Board of Directors

Health and Quality Policy

H COM has established a wide practice of setting and maintaining the highest possible HSE standards while giving equal value with other business objectives without compromise.

H COM’s mandate to exceed the needs and expectations of the customers, employees and other stakeholders' requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of the HSE Management systems is achieved by:


  • clearly defining strategic and operational goals and objectives
  • communicating and monitoring compliance with the organization’s ethics, procedures and work practices
  • providing and maintaining competent manpower and suitable resources
  • assessing and engineering out risk
  • providing training to allow our teams to be both competent and confident
  • utilising new technology to enhance our employee understanding of risk, special awareness and ability to make decisions based on changing local circumstances.
  • regular performance measurement and analysis
  • completion of senior management reviews to assess effectiveness of the system in delivering the organization's goals and objectives.


H COM Management system already conforms to the internationally recognized standards


  • BS 18001:2007
  • ISO 14001:2015
  • ISO 9001:2015


Nothing we do is so urgent or so important that we cannot make the time to ensure that it is done safely or with due responsibility to the communities we are working in. Whilst we measure our performance on industry standard benchmarks, we are intensely aware that without a dedicated focus on risk control and being proactive in our approach, the environments in which we work in can be unforgiving.


At H COM, safety is not just about being safe now, it is about being safe for the future and fit to enjoy life.




In most places, we work onsite at our customers’ facilities and therefore have limited control over these environments. What we can control is ensuring we operate in a responsible, community minded manner. This is achieved by detailed review, planning and delivery to ensure our operations can be as sustainable as possible, limiting any habitat disruption.  In addition, for our own premises, we mandate local management and staff initiatives to continually reduce our carbon footprint. At a corporate level, we gather data and analyse and develop impending programmes to reduce our impact